Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience in helping families address financial challenges and our relationships with many of the industry’s leading product providers. We offer families choices, by providing the following solutions that open up to families many paths to purse financial security and fulfill their dreams and goals.

Life Insurance

We offer a wide array of life insurance products to families of all income levels. Term-life insurance is available for those who require maximum coverage at an affordable price. Universal life insurance is available to those who would like tax-advantaged capital growth within their life insurance policy. Simplified- and guaranteed-issue life insurance plans are also available for those who have difficulty qualifying for insurance on the open market.

Segregated Funds

Segregated funds offer a unique opportunity to invest assets, much like a mutual fund, but with added safeguards for your principle. With maturity guarantees and market resets, segregated funds offer some clear advantages for the right investor.


Through our product providers, we help people of all income levels add annuities to their retirement strategy. These solutions enable retirees to draw monthly income from a lump sum investment, all while taking advantage of growth on the investment.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance offers a tax-free payout if the insured person gets a critical illness, such as cancer or a stroke. Attractive “return of premium” options take the guesswork out of long-term affordability.

Disability Insurance

According to Statistics Canada, one in seven Canadians is disabled.[1] Through our product providers, we offer disability insurance to ensure that a family’s financial independence is not threatened by disability. Some of the plans offered are geared toward maximum coverage while others designed for affordability.

Group Insurance

We offer group insurance through our providers to help companies extend competitive benefits to their employees. With plans covering up to 100 employees, we have options for most Canadian small businesses.

Long-Term Care Insurance 

Long-term care insurance is an integral part of retirement planning. People are living longer, making the likelihood of going to a care facility greater. Long-term care insurance makes it possible to choose the level of care you may require, and helps ensure that you get the care you deserve.

Mutual Funds

Through WFG Securities of Canada Inc. we offer securities from a number of Canada’s leading fund companies, providing our clients unparalleled access to products based on their risk tolerance. Whether you’re investing $50 at a time or $50,000, WFG gives everyone the same care, attention, and opportunity for growth.

RESP Scholarship Plans

Through Heritage Education Funds, we advocate higher education by offering RESP scholarship plans that are uniquely designed for families to provide funds for their children’s university education. We understand that the future starts with the next generation, and we are committed to making sure they have the best chance of success.

[1] Statistics Canada, Participation and Activity Limitation Survey, 2006.